85 hi c promotional panasonic makeover

Jun 3, 2012
arkansas city,kansas
well i finally got to giving this cooler roadbike a makeover.
that is why it is here and not in the builds as it technically does not qualify as a rat imo although she is ugly and rusty lol.
after riding her around on the old wheels i decided 2 things.
1 being the original wheels are shot and need replacing.
the other these culrdown handlebars are not gonna cut it.
and actually a third thing is this bike needs a facelift.
so i decided to do just that.
most of the parts are off other bikes that have not been fortunate enough to make it off my operating table and ahve become organ doners for my other Frankensteins.
the wheels are in way better shape, but are wider then the originals. also it is now a 10 speed not 12 speed.
the handlebars have been on other builds of mine. originally off my huffy stalker thats been long gone now.
the pad was on the bike originally it's a 80's aftermarket pad you would buy at k mart (or ames yeah i remember ames lol )
kickstand is mounted on the back frame it is a lil shorter but holds the bike up.
new brake pads on the back and used ones on the front and cables swapped with atb cables. and levers
so here she is in her current state.
here is the latest before sorry it's gritty not sure why but it is

and finally the after.