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Oct 14, 2006
Holly, Michigan,U.S.A.
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O.K. guys here goes nothin' and remember you asked to know! When I've got time to dig into the family archives I will post pics as I find them. But for now enjoy my long winded tales.

I got my first real bike in 1964 at the age of 4. My parents didn't want me to get anything that I'd outgrow too soon. It was a Schwinn 24" cruiser (not sure what model). I wasn't quite tall enough so it sat in the basement!
Every morning I would go down and stare at it lovingly. Training wheels were for sissies according to my dad, so we never put any on. Almost a year later I was ready to go for a spin. My dad and I spent about a half hour getting me going before I could ride by myself ... kinda. My uncle showed up and the three of us took turns riding my bike up and down our road! Definitely one of mine favorite memories!

I had the cruiser up until the mid 80's and then got stupid and gave it away! It has been passed around since then and is no longer known. Sure do miss her!

I have owned several bikes over the years and put together (what is now referred to as freak bikes). Nothing to special, a couple of "death choppers", some homemade BMX's before they were so popular, and my senoir class project, a two wheel drive bike. Pedal and steer with your hands, pedal and brake at the rear. Shop teacher gave me an "E" and said that it wasn't a true shop project because it was a bike. I pieced together three mangled frames to make one good one, welded up the front pedal/steering system, and laced up the rims. JUST A BIKE! I was pi$$ed so I went to the principle, showed him the bike and he asked if it was rideable, so I took off down the hall to prove it! He had a very strange look on his face when I returned and told me to get off the bike. I could see a detention or two flying my way when all of a sudden he threw a leg over and took off down the hall! He went around the corner and disappeared for a couple of seconds and then came back into vision sporting a big smile and some nice scapeage on his knuckles from dragging them down the cinder block walls.
While going down to the shop to talk to the shop teacher, we passed the football/wrestling coach and let him take a spin. He fell in love with it! So now the principle, the coach, the bike and myself show up at the shop. I was asked to wait in the shop while they conferrenced in the office. When they came out, I was told that I would receive an "A".
Later that day, the coach asked if he could ride the bike some more, I said yes and he took off . Luckily I knew where he lived and I picked up the bike later that night. :?

O.k. you've made it this far, so I'll keep babbling.....

I've always ridden, although not as often as I'd like. Mostly just playing around and having a good time. Recently a friend of mine, who grew up in the bike business, decided to get stooooppppiiiiid and get rid of most of his bike collection. His sister grabbed the highend stuff and I got what was left. A few bikes and a buttload of parts! I'm a pack rat at heart and I've got all kinds of crap, so I decided to build a couple of Freak bikes. Along the way I gravitated towards the computer, did some searches and came upon a whole world of nuts building choppers, cruisers and mutants. Finally my void was filled and I've made many wonderful friends through this forum as well as chopperbicycle.net A big thank you goes out to RatRodBikes and Chopperbicycles for turning me into an addict!

I've got a couple of projects under construction that should turn some heads (one of them being my RRBBO) when completed. I also have two long term projects that will make the unsuspecting public unload in their undies! So stay tuned!

One last babble before I go, Last summer my wife (Giggles, who also builds the occassional bike) and I were invited to Canada to ride with YYZMEC and his crazy buddies. It was one of the best
times I've ever had! Eric Hannan ( http://www.hannancustoms.ca/ ) asked me to ride one of his bikes. I showed up find a monster of a bike that looked very menacing. I almost wet myself (O.K., I did but just a little!). This bike was gorgeous. Stainless steel. Just about everything was hand built by Eric and the craftsmanship was superb. At first it was intimidating but once I got the hang of it, I was off and running! People everywhere went nuts over it. All except some Harley guys who were a little Pi$$ed when I park next to them. It made their Hawgs look like piglets next to Eric"s Bike! The bike fit like a glove and was so easy to ride that I didn't want to give it back. Actually I didn't! Eric, Giggles, Tony and a few others had to pry me off of it! Eric has named it "Bad ..." but I still refer to it as "MINE!" So Eric, if you're ever on this site .... Give "MINE!" back to me! :mrgreen:

Well I changed my mind about that last paragraph being my last babble! This might be but you never know!

If any of you haven't joined in on a cruise, well then you're missing out on all the fun! Please do yourself a favor and hook up with some of you local (or distant) friends on this board and plan a bike cruise! If you guys need some help planning give me or any of the other guys a yell for some help!
Building it is only have the fun .... NOW GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE!

You may now return to the cooler stuff on this site!


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Welcome to the site Chainsaw! :D

Totally loved the stories... the one about your two wheel drive bike was priceless! Looking forward to seeing some of your goods!

Sep 1, 2006
Oakville Ontario Canada
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Your welcome Chainy, was a pleasure having you and Gigs up. Hopefully this years ride will be bigger and better. looking forward to the FBM-GL Tour of Duty 07 ride. See ya in a cpl weeks.