Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Sweet build! Lots of cool tricks and creativity in this build.

I really like the 4th photo from the top, shows off the bike well. And the lighting (head and BB light mount) is a cool touch.
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Thanks for the kind words, there's so much talent on this site.

Sure, would it be too much to ask to post a link to this thread too?
will do at some point (when I figure out how with my phone). Thanks.
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May 14, 2013
Boise, ID
Beautiful ! :inlove::heart: Ya got a Instagram? Would it be ok for me to repost this amazing build?
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Dec 9, 2010
Ya know,
I know it just does not make sense, seem right or natural to have any naughty dream of getting a leg over another man's bike, but it all kinda sorta just happened the other night!:inlove::blush: I really didn't mean for it to happen, but, but, but.(sleeping remember?)
Just look at the way she catches every man's eye. No person here could resist the enticement!
The atttaction is obvious and I cannot and will not apologise for our oh so brief passing (dream) encounter.
Oh and in exactly which Kansas City do you reside again, please.
Also, would you have any mean dogs, security cam, snoopy neighbors or any booby traps you might want to share before I get up out this old recliner and head south?
I'm just kidding around:grin:
.............Or am I ????:bandit:

Reserved Living Room Parking I presume?

.... COOL, 'nuff said.:praise:

(way, way, way more than 'nuff said, excuse me.Whoa this lirtle note may take whole page, oops,
Mic Drop !):chicken: