AMF 'Renegade 5'

Jun 3, 2012
arkansas city,kansas
heya crash
i just found this build sorry i didn't see it earlier but man that thing is killer.
it has a mean look to it very old school chopperish which is a good thing imo.
it looks fantastic and the sissy mounts came out great!
now is that front wheel a 22 or is it 20 inch it looks a little bigger but again a cool thing.
that springer is sweet too reminds me of my uncles 57 pan head same kind of front end on it.
keep up the good work it looks fantastic.
Jun 11, 2012
Visalia, CA
That's a 20x1-3/8" front with a 20x1.75 in the rear. The diameter of the rim is larger, but the outside of the tire is essentially the same. But it gives the appearance of a bigger wheel, and I really like the look.

Sand blasted yesterday, but the snad blaster didn't work as well as I hoped and I only got about half the bike done, and almost nothing on the Schwinn. So I bought some aircraft stripper and am going to do that today after I write a paper for school.
Jun 11, 2012
Visalia, CA
I finished up my semester and turned on the lights at the bike factory today. I realized that I have a couple major questions marks on the build, so I needed to get ta buildin'!

First up... the sissy bar. As you know, I extended the dropouts to accommodate the new derailleur set up. So, I had to set all that up. I drilled holes, set up the seat, and let 'er rip. And holy crap is that sissy tall!

I got all the hardware situated and the bolts cut. Looks pretty clean. Yes, that's a "Schwinn Stingray" Persons seat on an AMF. I like the look of the blue/silver, and didn't find a Troxel seat. So, there we go.

When I set up the hardware on the rear fender, then put the rear wheel in, it looks like this. The bottom is pulled forward. I think I'm going to have to put a spacer in there or I'm going to hate it. What kills me is that I lost the original fender brace (it fell off) so had to fabricate one. We welded it where the original went. Had I known it was going to look like this, I would have welded it farther back. ugh.

My second major question mark was the crank set. For some reason I thought I had one, but didn't. I had the sprocket, but that was it. So, I had to dig through parts. I had a crank from Schwinn Collegiate. I thought that would working since the BB would be raised up a bit due to the custom fork, so I cleaned up some BB parts and put it together. But as you can see, the long crank arms didn't clear the chain stays on both sides.

So I pulled apart my daughter's Fair Lady. Better length, but I didn't want to use hers since I'm trying to keep her Schwinn all original. Then I remembered my '69 Spyder. I could steal its crank, and have time to replace it. So... it worked. The drive arm bows out a little by design. Hopefully it works on this bike without feeling too strange.

I threw the headset on, but didn't take a picture. The springer half of the fork is at the plating shop. I pick it up tomorrow and will be able to put the fork back together for the final mock.

And right before I called it quits for the night I threw the chain on to see how it would clear. I need to tuck the rear fender in to make some clearance. Or maybe if I put that spacer in there it will clear better. I still don't know whether to do that or not. I'll try it and see how it looks.

Jun 11, 2012
Visalia, CA
I took this week off to work on the bi... I mean, for Christmas. So in between being a slave for my wife, I'm getting work done.

Major question #3: The chain guard. Since I had to cut off the tab that held the orginal placement of the guard, I had to reroute to the outside of the seat stay. I bought a 4.5" grinder just to do this! lol Anyway, some major and minor cuts, tweaks, and grinds to the guard, and this is what I've got.

I dripped and tapped a hole for the rear install. I really hope the back end of this thing looks better once I have some paint on it.

Another major step is that I used this NOS 333 shifter set up without needing to change the length of the housing. The cool part about that is the housing is stamped '333', so really gives a vintage feel.

And to hold that overload tube in place, I got a NOS 333 bar clamp. You can also see the 333 stamped on the shifter and the housing. The spoke protector is stamped 333... and now I'm wondering if the Shimano Eagle derailleur is as well?

And I took a few moments to add an accessory. This is a NOS sissy bar pad I got from a guy in Canada. As rare as they come, still in the bag!! And he gave me a fantastic price on it. He was really looking out for me! Do you think the placement height is "right"? Or does it matter? (I've never had one before)

Lastly, I started wrapping the bars. I've never wrapped a muscle bike bar with a brake lever on it. All I've done is road bikes with brake hoods. Pretty easy, but this is proving a little tougher because I don't know how.
First I had to mod the lever a little to fit higher in the bend of the bar. Then I tried to wrap over the lever clamp, but I couldn't see how to do it. So I took the level off an wrapped to see if I could get the clamp over. I might be able to, but I don't like the look, and it's going to be a huge pain in the butt. I need to figure out how to wrap it.

I should have the front springer of the fork tomorrow so I can set it on it's wheels for the first time in it's life. I may even through the pedals on and let my son take it for a spin... after I get the brake worked out. (Single drum brake in the rear. We thought a front brake distracted from the fork.)

Tonight while watching my Niners steal away the Falcons' dreams, I painted my tires. I'll get that paint cleaned up and they'll look fantastic! It's close and closer to the paint booth... and I'm running out of time! o_O


Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
Really looking awesome Crash! :41:
Personally I feel the sissy bar pad should stay exactly where it is or be just a little higher, if you can get the brake mount over the tape, even though it looks a bit weird, it will probably still look better than trying to wrap over it.

Really loving that shifter set up, looks like it really came together for you!

Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
I hate those bar ends. I wonder if I can pick up some smooth chrome ones from a LBS.
I nicked some black ends out of a touring bike I have... because my wrap came with the same caps. I put them back on over the black ends just to keep them from getting banged up when moving it around, but the caps fit so loose it's a waste to have them.
Hey, that seat back looks good right where it is.