Anybody else have a motorcycle?


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Jul 2, 2015
Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon
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Our friends Dad owned a motorcycle shop in Grand Prairie so we were always up there. Sr. collected Allstates and now Jr. owns the bike shop. My first motorcycle was actually the first one Jr. sold. I bought two wrecked Suzuki intruders and put them together. One slid down the highway and the other one rear ended a car. I put them together in the yard out back at the shop. Man I just realized that was probably twenty five years ago. Sr. was so **** proud of me. It looked great when I was done. I don't know if I can find any pictures but Jr. actually won the easy rider show in Dallas . We accidentally put "Fun Machine" in shop class and beat Orange county choppers and Martins brothers. we rode up there in the rain and just wiped the bike off. The other guys were pissed they didn't even pick up their trophies. I stapped Jr.s trophy to his sissy bar with my belt so we could take it home. It was a raked out custom rigid frame sportster with like an eight foot chrome fork and tall seventies looking sissy bar with red glitter diner vinyl saddle. He wrote the Fun Machine on the oil tank with paint marker. It had water spots all over it it was funny. We thought he really messed up. I actually had a garage apartment on the street behind the shop. It was 27 years ago I think I wasn't old enough to legally drink technically. Jr. was eighteen . He had just got old enough to sign titles
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Apr 26, 2020
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My 1960 Honda C111 Sport Cub. Bought from a famous racer and owner of a Honda dealer. He sold it new, bought it back in 1974 and stored it until 2017. 14k miles which is a lot of miles on one of these as they dont have an oil pump and rev to 9500. Engine has never been opened other than valve covers. Fitted a nos coil and carb, cleaned out the tank and it fired up. I have a collection of small engine Hondas. Happy to load a few more if anyone interested
Sep 26, 2012
Chicago, IL
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I don't have any of these any more

CBR250RR '97


I loved this little bike. Not gonna win any races against the big boys, but so fun, will surprise a WRX at the traffic lights, and is an amazing machine. 250cc, 4 cylinders the size of pencils, and 19,000rpm (not a typo). Revs like a F1 car.
It broke my wrist, and I cried when I eventually sold it.

Here's how it looked when I first got it. Pink stickers and all.

My other bike was a shadow 1100 ace something something. I got this one after I discovered that riding with drop bars would shoot pain through my wrist with it's fancy new metal plate.

Great looking bike, sounded amazing, real nice to ride, and had the annoying habit of turning off while you were riding and not turning back on again, usually when you were quite far from home.
I'd have it back in a second, though.
2 (2).jpg

Saw there was some CBX fans here, bet you never had one of these. Way back I bought a CBX250 for someone who didn't deserve it. But I rode it reasonably frequently. It's fun, like a circus bike. Feels fast, goes real slow. Great thumpy single cylinder engine.
This is a pic from the net, because I never took one. But it looked just like this.
Honda CBX250 87.jpg
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