Anyone used chrome spray paint?

Jan 26, 2007
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Just wondering if anyone has, and if any one brand was better than another, and if anyone has pics of their results.
Thanks, Mike
Jun 10, 2013
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Are there any better ideas for chrome? Anybody tried the electroplating kits I see advertised sometimes? Or if 1/2 chrome piece is rusted will muriatic acid bath make all rust even? I did see the thread about using aluminum foil.
Did not know if to start a new thread but this seemed to be same topic. Sorry if I am wrong.
Dec 29, 2009
Western Mass
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I have tried several different "chrome" paints and I have yet to find one that I think is even ok.
Like Deven said, they all appear to be silver.
Last year for the build off I built a bare metal bike and polished everything and was pretty surprised with the results, I was able to make it look like chrome. Since then I have been polishing all sorts of stuff with chrome loss. I have even taken bars, fenders and such and just polished the areas where the chrome was gone and if you didn't study it from 6" away you would never know.
Here's some of the pictures of my build off bike...(very little is chrome, almost everything is polished steel).