April 9th blizzard

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This blizzard is predicted to last on and off for 7 days. It feels and looks like the end of November instead of April. This is to be expected and always happens this time of year, but it’s not appreciated. The wind is roaring out of the north, rattling the house. The air is white. I posted a photo but had to delete it as it came out sideways. I’m not messing with trying to fix my posted photos, they either post right or I delete them, not my problem.
Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
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Yeah snowed here yesterday a bit and it was almost 80 degrees the day before that. Gotta love April in Illinoiz... I used to commute 60 miles north to Chicago to work and I'd drive thru weather systems to different conditions than I had at home. Working outside as a Union Carpenter, I used to keep a couple different hoodies, jackets, rain gear and shorts in the truck, trying to be ready for whatever mother nature threw at us.

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I’m stuck here. I just tried to go the mile to our mailbox but there is too much snow. Didn’t get too far. I rode under and over three trees until I was blocked by a large pine that was headlight high. The electricity has been on and off since Friday night, but we have wood heat and lanterns. I took a video of my attempt to drive out but you can’t post videos here.