As if I needed another hobby...

Sep 2, 2020
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Greetings similarly afflicted! Been aware of this site and lurking for years. Great inspiring stuff in the build off! I was going to join the build off but I was a day late and a bendix 3 speed indicator chain short. Actually my plan and parts list kept evolving and in late August I decided to just hold off but I have plans for the next one. Muhahaha. I’d done a banana seat cruiser 15 years ago with a 20 inch front & high sissy bar To save my back & avoid going full nerd recumbent...then this year I just went full tilt nerd anyway and picked up a Grape Krate which I dig & ride daily. I immediately needed a dose of real vintage Schwinn and picked up a 74 parts bike to build up an Krapple Krate-a-bout With a high back. Whatever it ain’t pretty...yet. I’ve done a few nice old cars a 2wd ’69 Blazer destroyed by a taxi, a nice Volvo 242, a rat Volvo 164 and now a rat Diesel Benz. My usual obsession is guitars....I carved the two fake Rickenbackers in my Avitar out of a couple Hannah Montana abominations. Cheers from San Diego!
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