Avocado, first pics of the finished bike!


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Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
Re: Avocado, Paint

We had a refrigerator that color when I was a kid.
It looks WAYYYYY better on you bike!!!!!
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So, I put the bike together, and there's a big problem. First, the bike.

The problem is that I hate it. I truly do. I think the bright new paint looks awful with the nice patinaed parts. And now, I'm stumped.

After contemplating the problem for a few days, the best idea I've come up with would be to strip it, and go with a bare metal frame. I'm thinking that nice bare metal might be the best way to compliment the other parts.

I'll continue pondering.
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I think you are right... it looked better to me before you painted it :?

If it were my bike and I had painted it, then changed my mind... I wouldn't strip it back to bare metal, I would add a couple of other colours in strategic places, then go over the entire frame with a blue colour similar to that on the chain guard. I would then distress it, sanding and scratching back through the colours in those strategic areas.

I have never actually done it before, but some RRB members are experts at distressing. I am sure you will get plenty of advice :)
Aug 25, 2012
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Re: Avocado, Mock Up with Paint

i love that paint color , i think you should just repaint everything else black and redo the grafic on the chain guard in a color that match the overall bike...
or , just antiquing the green paint a little and put a satin or mat clear over the patined parts , just to equalize the shine a little
May 30, 2013
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Re: Avocado, Mock Up with Paint

What about painting the frame a rusty brown/copper color and leave the rest of the parts unpainted? Maybe a satin clear on the unpainted parts?


Oct 6, 2008
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I'd paint the frame with red oxide primer. Then I'd do a single coat of navy blue with white darts on the head tube, and then wet sand through to the primer here and there before covering it with a low gloss clear. That's just my opinion though.
Jan 16, 2011
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Re: Avocado, Mock Up with Paint

One of the things I've noticed when just the frame gets painted in a single color, is that the contrast and scale can be off from what we all like so much about the old bikes. They actually had lots of detail that served as a visual transition between the small and large parts and the different materials.

Maybe you can add darts or a stripe or something, or paint more of the parts, or both?

Or go to either a matte paint or a primer because that is another area where the contrast between the new paint and the old is too much.

Or back to the raw steel frame as you mentioned.

The overall build looks really nice and you were honest enough to admit what you don't like so I'm sure it will get solved in a great way.
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Critter1 said:
I think the weathered patina look would be cool.

Hey Devon.. who else from Sac is in the build off this year??
I can't think of any others off the top of my head. Many of the past local builders (Kuttnhack, Karfer) aren't participating this year. Does RonK have a build?