Back Alley Sally Let Er Roll She Done!

Nov 18, 2007
NICE!.....I love the C-fiber look! Great fabrication on the shifter!.........But when I look at the "fork", my nose starts to run. :? Certainly is a bike to be proud of! 8)
Well here we are at the end of the thrashing,I thought I would have an extra day but I forgot about the fair tonight ooops! but I thrashed last night as I cant post after friday unless I wanted to work an extra day.But anyways she rides fast and quiet I still will detail some more but heres what I have and it was fun the handlebars are half moon or something of that effect with six inches chopped off the ends the rear brakes came off a Western Flyer mt bike? really thats what it was along with the gooseneck and brake lever the shifter is off of some 30's Chevy along with a mystery bracket I found at a thrift store to mount it up. I hope you enjoy what I cobbled together its been fun, but its probably gonna get some lights eventually but thanks for looking and God Bless....Thank You....Jim
Gold Street Customs

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