Back in a big way


Aug 20, 2009
Derby, KS
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After an extended haitus due to other projects, bicycle burn-out and being priced out of the market by "American Pickers Syndrome" I am back.

I have wanted a fat bike since I first saw a Surly Moonlander in one of my local bike shops several years ago. Since those are a bit out of my price range I decided to order a Wal-goose Dolomite.

I originally ordered it thru wally-world but their site to store estimated my delivery three weeks out. After several phone calls to Walmart for any explanation as to the reason with no good answer I canceled my order and went to Amazon. Same price and free 2 day shipping.

It arrived today and after assembling it I was ready to shake it down.

I followed Randy's lead and pulled off the decals, regreased the bearings and swapped seats. My daughter's face pretty much sums up my feelings about the bike.
Oct 27, 2011
Derby Kansas
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I see your a little out of practice..that stretched front brake cable will be fixed by turning the backward fork around and that will put your caliper on the left..glad your back
Feb 22, 2010
DFW Area Texas
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The parts will tell you what you want to replace. They break, that's your clue. Want to reduce weight? replace tires and tubes. Still, they make a fun bike. Glad to see you back!
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