I bought this pre war Henderson badged schwinn straight bar last summer as a birthday present to myself. And in school I'm doing a project about klunkers, so three days before I was due to present the project I dug the Henderson, and threw together a single speed klunker out of it!

The way it looked sitting in the pawn shop

After three hours of removing poorly applied fenders and irrelevant knicknacs, and adding additional relevant knicknacs, this emerges from the darkness.

Things added at this point:
Straight leg chrome forks
Pre war Long spring saddle
Silver Odyssey tripple trap bmx pedals
Random parts pile bmx stem
Stock bars off of my mongoose beast.

Things I plan to add and or do:

Solid aluminum seat post
New odyssey dynatron bottom bracket
Complete Wheel rebuild (front and rear)
Polish the fork
New sprockets front and rear
Rebuild rear hub (never touched a morrow before..)
Paint frame and handlebars
Fabricate new seat frame hardware stuff
Thrash on the local mountain bike trail system.

I hope that I'll be able to contend against my first klunker, which is pictured here.

It'll hopefully live up to the idea yooth gave me. But in all honesty, I'll be glad to get rid of the awful minty green paint.

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Jan 12, 2013
You got a nice frame!

That sounded all wrong... ok great frame to start with! Love where you are going with it.
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Nice start!

I bet you are looking forward to this!

You better believe it! I'm only a half hours drive from some of the best mountain bike trail system's in Minnesota, so there's always that to enjoy on a weekend. The ace klunker has been out on the trails a lot.
You got a nice frame!

That sounded all wrong... ok great frame to start with! Love where you are going with it.
Haha! Thanks. I seen it in the pawn shop with a 115$ price tag that had "Erik' s bike shop said these were worth a lot" so after I chuckled at that, l gave up the 115 and rode it out to the car.
Yay! Another klunker in the competition! :happy:
Your not alone sting!!
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I presented the klunker project in school today, and I think I did pretty good.

When I got home, I borrowed my dad's can of paint thinner, and I went after the frame to see what color this thing used to be. I was initially very optimistic about saving the original paint just from how good it was on the head tube, and back by the seat tube. But unfortunately, the previous owner sanded off the paint on the main tubes of the frame. So, I've got it completely broken down and it's going off to be sand blasted over the weekend.

Kinda bummed me out that the paint was bad, it used to be my absolute favorite schwinn paint scheme.

Next thing to tackle is repainting the head badge! I'll get my model paints out here in a half hour or so and start on that.

Hopefully, it'll turn out half as good as this badge.
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it was not very difficult to paint the badge, if I got any paint where it wasn't supposed to be, I just used some wet sanding paper to clean it off of the raised lettering.

The frame and handlebars should be back from sandblasting by Tuesday of next week, so in the meantime I plan on rebuilding the wheels.
Haha I know the struggle. I might be young, but my eyes aren't the best. But my dad bought me a cool little magnifying glass on a cast iron stand, with a pair of moveable alligator clips on it that I use to do stuff like painting the head badge. I'll half to post a photo of it sometime.

I was looking through my parts pile, and I think I might have enough parts to build this into a multiple speed klunker. I bought these practically brand new rock shox man bike forks from a local antique shop for 5$, and it's got a 1 1/8 inch threadless steer tube. The steer tube fits thru the stock schwinn headset cups, and I had a set of bearings and other hardware laying around to where I'm confident I can get these to agree with the Henderson frame.

And today I stopped at a garage sale, and the owner of the sale turned out to be my old math teacher! And he had this trek 700 series hybred road bike thing for 3$. It came home with me needless to say.

The frame and fork are really in that nice of shape. I might pirate all of the nice components off of the trek and replace them with somewhat less high of quality parts from my stash, and just flip the trek for a really cheap price to fund the build off bike. It's not like I'm in danger of losing money on it!!
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Today I worked on the seat for the check, and I kind of pulled a rabbit out of my hat with this one. I had a pre war woman's long spring saddle laying around, and a men's huffy good vibrations seat too. I decided to build myself a long spring men's saddle!

I separated the pan from the seat frame on the woman's saddle, and cut the nose off of a second seat frame. I welded it onto the nose of the pre war, so the long spring frame would match up under the huffy pan. And it did perfectly.

I used the original foam on the huffy pan, and I just sprayed a little bit of my dad's locktite adhesive spray on the foam and layed some heavy black duck canvas over the adhesive. There's a few puckers here and there, but I think it'll stretch in and fit better with time. I probably shouldn't let it sit outside in the rain!

Turned out pretty decent. I can't wait for the frame to get back, I'm going to be mocking up my forks and rear brakes. I'm going to be adding gears to this buggy! :)
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Thanks ! I'm happy about how good it turned out, I just need to get a solid aluminum seat post made. I'll get a piece of aluminum stock from the machine shop at school and I'll bring it home and spin one up on the lathe.

Random question though, does anyone know if truck bed liner will stick to wood? I got a can of plasti kote bed liner and I want to try to use it to reseal my plywood boat.