Bar Fly

Jun 11, 2012
Livermore, CA
This is what she started as, a 1953 Schwinn Straight Bar that I picked up at a flea market with a few other bikes and parts.

After building The Bishop last year, I really wanted to go in a different direction with this one. Less polish, more rust. Less Cafe Racer, more Rat Rod. After a few months, some changes in direction, and some experimentation with patina and matte clear, she is done.

A little shout out to those on RRB who helped make the bike possible:
The seat post came from slowriderz and is just awesome
The springer came from AS Boltnut, and was essentially untouched (just cleaned, greased and sprayed with matte clear)
The apes and Project 346 tires came from The Cruiser Shop in Campbell, CA (I know you guys lurk here)
The shifter came from Migz
Jan 2, 2012
Love it,looks like that gas station is famous for bike pics :wink:
2 bike builders living in the same area,what are the odds..
Brilliant bike looks right at home there...
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