Bck in Blck

Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
My dad was a house painter in the summer (geometry teacher during the school year) and he valued 'pre paint preparation' almost as highly as a good painting job. My wife is a retired 3M employee, so we stockpile all of their products and use them extensively! :grin: Blue painter tape and the 3M Super 77 spray adhesive are a couple of my go-to products whenever I'm in the midst of a bike build.

@ClarenceB , you are right about the moving parts / joints on those springer forks. They need to free of paint or lightly coated so as not to bind. The one thing about the powder coat is the thickness of the application can change the tolerance between the moving parts.
Jul 25, 2019
I am not sure how many I will be able to build going forward with the health condition I am in but this one surely came out as planned. Now, in comparison to some of the other contenders, this is a fairly basic customization. However, with plating bolts, powdering and extending a steering column, the simplicity of the task turned into craziness rather quickly.

According to the Build - Off rules, 2 out of 3 was a requirement.

1: Rear tire larger than the front. (Wider or taller or both.)
2: Banana seat.
3: Muscle bike appropriate bars. (Apehangers, steering wheels...)
You can have all three options!

First rule just mentions tires, even though that's easily accomplished by playing with tire sizes. This Sparker actually has not just different tire sizes but different wheel sizes. Granted, even the original Sparker came with two different size wheels so that's basically custom off the shelf. However, the wheel I put in is definitely some kind of effort.
Second rule, I did not fulfill this requirement. No banana seat on this one! I think that could have been done easily, depending on finding one but I love that Electra throne that's on there.
Third rule, the muscle bike appropriate bars aka ape hangers. The ape hanger I made fits my size and shoulder width perfectly to generate like a lazy boy like feeling when riding. I can't emphasize enough how comfortable that riding position is and smooth this thing rides. Since it is aluminum, it's super light as well!

2 out of 3 is covered and I am not even last minute even though, it's pretty close again! I've seen some amazing builds and I am excited to see them all!!