beast 3.0

Dec 31, 2011
Staples minnesota
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I've converted my beast to a 12 speed with disc brakes, and I've done this for roughly 70$. Here's how.

it turns out really clean when you keep it simple. I used the 30$ choppers US rear disc hub, it swaps into the beasts rear wheel slick as snot with the same spokes, with no trimming needed.
[/URL]here's my disc mount. It's based off of a similar mount I seen on the underground velo forums. I made this mount from some 1/8 inch aluminum plate, and it locks over the seat stay and chain stays, and is held on with the axle nut. My disc caliper is a avid ball bearing disc brake system, I got mine for 45$ from my local bike shop. this is how I attached my rear derailleur, I took the average Wal-Mart axle mount derailleur, and since my axle wasn't long enough to mount it *on*the axle, I cheated. I took a 3/8 carriage bolt, and I sanded the flange down on two sides to clear my rear cog. It works good so far. And it hasn't broken yet.
unfortunately, the derailleur hanger bolt prevents me from using the smallest gear. But, no harm in that. I'll probably never use that gear anyways.
I got a pair of shimano altus 170mm cranks used from a friend, they're night and day difference from the stock cranks. I'm still thinking of a simple way to hang my front derailleur. That's all I've been up to lately, Ccd
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Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
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Really nice!

I wonder if you could drill a hole lower down on the drop out and mount the derailleur from that, might give you full gearing and still do all the shifting nicely. If you look at some mountain bikes with big rear cassettes, you will see they quite often have the derailleur mounted well below the axle line.