better late than never.. built it my way (more pics added)

Jan 23, 2011
Here are some pictures of the 1951 Schwinn that I put together for the contest. It's nothing fancy but it's rideable. I completed it in a few short weeks, but still had fun doing it. Thanks again for letting me participate, It's hard to decide who to vote for, there are so many nice bikes again this year. Good Luck to all of you...
Feb 20, 2012
Re: better late than never.. built it my way

Oh yeah.. Gorgeous RAT with apes and a 3 speed coaster brake!!! Nice aura about this bike and definitely a rider.
May 20, 2009
Isle of Hope, GA
Most bikes look better from a distance (at least mine do), this one looks better the closer you get!

Great, straight forward, rider, with a cool paint job and who else had a clown face on their bike this year.......nobody that's who. :mrgreen:

Dr. T
Jan 23, 2011
Thanks for the positive comments, I was really pleased the way the paint came out and I would probably use the paint method again because the color combinations are unlimited and it's a perfect solution for painting a heavily pitted project. It was fast and easy. The clown face was going to be my headbadge but my bike stand peeled some paint off the front of the seat tube, so I just covered it with the clown face but I think it looks good there. Thanks again...
Sep 18, 2011
That is a nice texture you got with the paint - it looks similar to some I have done with plastic wrap to pull paint off in patterns.
Can you share any details as to your technique?