Big v brakes

Aug 16, 2018
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Hummm... Quite the predicament your in?

Looks like some Canti Brakes with some Wide/Fat Braces? Drum Brake set-ups? might as well go discs really, even if you find some V-Brakes long enough they might snap like twigs or Bend/Flex.
Fat Bike

I sure someone has done it, or makes some? someone else will chime-in soon I'm sure :wondering:
Jun 13, 2015
US occupied MA
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I think cantilevers are your most likely bet. Setup will probably be tedious.

Even road bikes have discs now. I was a skeptic, but after using them, I can understand why. Of course, they're not cheap to retrofit, especially in the front, though I don't know if I'd trust the adapters on the rear of a motorized bike, either. I'm kind of in the same predicament for an electric bike conversion I'm planning, though I don't have to clear wide tires, so I'm probably going to swap my cantis with Vs.