Bike change: Stretch Armstrong

Stretch Armstrong!

Next thing to do is get the frame in order.....Schwinn exercise bike that I had sandblasted ! I will be attaching the swing-arm to the exercise bike frame, making it as low as possible.
I went out and did a little bit of hacking/chopping and bending on the frame. This what I have come up with so far! I am going to try and use as many parts from the exercise bike as possible, such as : forks
cranks get the idea !
This is just a mock-up, everything is just sitting. Nothing is welded!

Stretch Armstrong!

I switched the fork legs around so the dropouts were facing forward or up...when it is all stable and bolted together it will be sooooo low !
I will be cutting the forks & re-positioning/welding the upper fork legs ...When this is done, I can use the plate that came with the exercise bike so I can remount the speedo and make the forks secure! I think I will leave the forks with the stand and make a quick release so I can use it for a kick stand !

May 20, 2009
Isle of Hope, GA
I think he is referring to rule #3:
3. Must use factory altering of original frame structure/geometry

So, that means that this will be the BADDEST exercise bike on the planet!

yoothgeye said:
That's a radical design... the rules may have been bent a little thought. :shock:
Dr. T