Bike that probably won't finish that you had hoped would finish

Mar 1, 2012
Murray, KY
Looking at the bikes that probably won't make the deadline, which bike did you have high hopes for finishing?

My choice would have to be "Polished Princess"

Now a public service announcement:

ATTENTION NEW GUYS! Posting that your bike is finished in your build thread isn't enough! You need a finished thread here

Just don't want anyone to miss out because they didn't understand the rules.

Good luck to all, Rg
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Aug 21, 2013
Trying to get done in a predefined time limit is certainly stressful. I wasn't sure I would make it, I was almost going to call off a day of work until I realized I would lose more money doing that than I spent on my build.

Not entirely too sure I will do another big build-off, and just work at my own pace. If I do, I will most likely keep it simpler.