Billy Bob's " Phantom X " ( finished, off to take final photos )

Mar 26, 2012
Fairless Hills, PA
Well I ordered a schwinn decal kit to put on the tank and for the round schwinn decal in the chain guard. As I was applying the decals I got the idea to try and modify the black phantom decal and make it say Phantom X. I cut pieces of the word black to make the x. This way it keeps a schwinn name and represents build off ten. therefore the name change Phantom X .

You may also notice that my paint job is a little diferent than normal on it. I changed up the way the two tone is usually layed out. I just went off of pics on the net to figure out close where the graphics went. View attachment 12163View attachment 12164
I added the Pitbull rear brake and brake lever ( still have to run the cable )
View attachment 12165 View attachment 12166
I took most of the pieces to the bike and did them satin black. Things like the ends of the brooks grips, seat rails, stem, front spring, fork hardware, etc. I left a few pieces shiny and aluminum to add some contrast. I found some black pedals at a local bike shop. That's about it for today. Try to get a little more done tomorrow.....View attachment 12167View attachment 12168 View attachment 12169 View attachment 12170 View attachment 12171 View attachment 12172 View attachment 12173 View attachment 12174
Cool colors! Nice and tidy building.
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Oct 21, 2013
I got pretty much everything but the seat ( still gotta build a seat post ) and a couple little details finished up today. Sprocket and chain all mounted up. Thought I'd show a pic of the paint on back side of chain guard .
Also removed the yellow decals on the Spinergy wheels. Guess the rims are faded because it left a darker ghost writing where the decals were. I think it's pretty cool. Think I'm gonna let the air out of tires and line up the writing on the tires with that on the rims. I'd rather have no writing at all but hate to ruin the tires trying to get it off.
Oh, and since the kickstand mount was cut off this frame when i got it I picked up a bolt on one. (Still gotta make it satin black )
One week to go and I think I'm gonna make it....
Oct 21, 2013
I was able to get my head badge painted while out on the road this week. I painted the lines on the badge to go along with the tank.

I fabbed up my seat post using the stock 13/16 post and a doner 7/8 post. Sorry for lack of photos on the fab part but time was short and I was preoccupied trying to get it done. I didn't want a weak post so I added a gusset. Due to the pitbull brake setup I'm using I decided the best way for it to work was to run it through the seat post. I welded a washer for the hole in the front and made a slot in the bottom gusset. I mounted the oddesy seat clamp in the end of the post to make a moderny / hi-tech (lol) lookin' seat post.

A couple little details and it's finished photo time.. So glad it's done. I was sweating it for this last week. I have to go out of town this weekend. Leaving in the morning, so if I wasn't able to finish up during the week while traveling it wouldn't have gotten finished.

Off with the Wife and the bike for some final photos before leaving in the a.m.