black bikes?

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omfg... badbalance, that bike is sick!! the tank plate looks great, did you do the letters? love the seat position and of course the bandana on the sissy bar.

i've got a specific vision for my own cruiser and love it when i see one on hear that matches the picture in my head. :D
Aug 9, 2008
lake worth , FL 561
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this is the bike outside of my garage...with the a little change. i just cant seem to be satisfied with it. im just gonna keep working on it until it gets to where i want it.
Sep 30, 2007
Kendallville, IN
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Great idea :!: Here's my "Hot Rod" Murry that got done in time for the Father's Day car show.

And the dice caps are homemade, $5 to buy some? HA! The drill bit cost half that!
Sep 1, 2006
So. Florida
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I have a couple of black ones too... I am probably going to have a couple more in a while too.
Here they are:

Rat Royale
REC Elsewhere
Mar 5, 2008
Pinellas, FL
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Mr. Farrell said:
hahah "your bike sucks" nice sticker. probably originally intended for pompous fixies. :lol:

oddky enuff it's a Bianchi chainstay sticker. adding to the spandex attitude, they were @ $1 or so apiece. tack on an impressive $14 for shipping(!?!?!?!?!?) and the send me a wonderfully done, full color catalog of exotic alloy and carbon that weighed a ton. what a ripoff...

but I'll claim the "pompous fixie" approach... :p