black bikes?

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Hi !
This is my Dyno Coaster, black, but i don't like this colour on this...
But it is so really lovely bike for me !
So, this is the last chance to share it to couple shots., and the next year to go Post: Orange, or White Bikes... :D

Well: Adios
Aug 9, 2008
lake worth , FL 561
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sensor said: that ferret real?(or was real at one point?)
okay...i see that its not living but was it alive at some point?
its actually a longtailed weasel in its winter coat.... and im not sure if it was real at one point...i bought it at a swap meet.
Aug 3, 2008
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this is the only black bike i have. its my fav.
1970/80's stretched girls rapido.


i'm sure the next build will also be black.
love the bikes guys and gals, this threads a fantastic gallery of black bikes.