Bomb Squad

Oct 8, 2007
Van Nuys
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This is a fun event. It is not a race, but a rally, or a group of idiots that take 16" Barbie bikes and point them downhill in masse...

How old are you?

There is no age limit on a good time.

The rules are simple:

16" kids bike in unmodified bone stock configuration.

Yes, we know you can't fit on it, neither can we.

You may add brakes.

Nothing more. (Ed)

You bike should be 5.99 at the local Goodwill...not something purpose built for downhill.

Full face helmet is recommended, and a helmet is mandatory!

Other protection, motorcycle leathers, knee and elbow pads, bubble wrap (it's happened) is highly encouraged because...

road rash sucks.

Need a loaner? Let me know, I have many!

See you then!! :) Finishers get a sticker.

See flyer for details....

Apr 1, 2014
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When your little 16" bike coaster sounds like a jet plane taking off, you are doing it right! :eek:
Those bikes make the trip O.K.? Would not want catastrophic failure of one of those cheesy bikes!