BOTEN/10/X (Indian cycle) Done and dusted!

1920’s Indian Gentleman’s Cycle.

I set out for a retro, replica, ride, a simple bike with a few nice details. Had an old Sturmy Archer reflector, which is made in England on a American bike?! Kick stand found a retro bike shop in Oz they have some nice stuff, link below.

Cotter pin cranks with a close to era sprocket, original bike didn’t have a chain guard but what the it’s a replica. The Brooks saddle was an expense, don’t often lash out for my bikes, the nice quality everyone talks about is there, really comfortable, bit blingy for me but it will weather.

Tank turned out great seeing as it’s an old goblet, some pumping pipe and filler, stores a battery for the light as per original. Can be accessed by undoing one screw the whole thing pivots out on the rear screw, the cap comes off to get to the battery. The middle tube was originally a seat post tube, used it as it had the brazed hooks to mount the pump, original didn’t have a pump but I like it, retro style pump from the shop above.

Fork assembly scratch built from bike bits and a bracket I found, whole thing can be dismantled, the headlight is actually an old handle held workshop light less its handle, really bright with its clear lens, like road melting bright! Bars are scratch built, bit tricky getting the angles and getting them straight. Scored the coke bottle grips from a cafe racer shop in Oz. The era correct plunger warning device (anyone know what they are called?) has lived on a few of my bikes, think she has found a permanent home now!

Final verdict, she rides nice and simple just a nice cruiser, makes me smile, enjoyed the build, this build end up a bit down to the wire for me as I had a few unplanned issues during assembly, got there with a bit of work under lights, phew!

Really enjoyed everyone’s bikes, some great imagination out there, real eye candy overload, too much to look at, thanks to those who put in the effort behind the scenes would imagine more to it than meets the eye I bet! Great that this brings like minded people from all corners of the globe together for a bit of awesome fun!

What's next, stupid question, Luke TJ’s MBB in September!
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Jul 17, 2012
Qld, Australia
The island background pics are great. I can easily imagine this bike being ridden about the time you were recreating in the same locations. The cargo ship and forklift of course being much earlier versions.
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