Brooks Saddles

Sep 28, 2010
Cleveland, Oh
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I want a Brooks B17 green apple, but I can't see spending that much ($89) for a bike that could be stolen. Are these saddles comfortable for long distances? I think I might break down and buy one. Maybe a used one for some savings...

Any good places to look that don't require PayPal?
Aug 9, 2009
Medford OR
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I've got two Brooks saddles but picked them up used. I've got a Brooks Pro with the hand pounded copper rivets and a B67 I picked up for on my wife's bike. So I can't say how they are new. I've heard nightmares about how long they take to break in. My Pro is from 81 and it's still pretty stiff compared to the B67. It's one of those things that you buy keep after bicycles have come and gone. You just swap from bike to bike. Atleast that's what I've done with mine. Hey atleast their still all handmade in England. Check this out as Rob Penn gets a tour through the Brooks factory. Not to mention check out the entire video series as it's really good to watch. I even downloaded it to my Ipod. It even has some vintage ballooner stuff and klunker stuff. ... re=related
Jun 22, 2008
Dallas Area
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My Raleigh Sojourn has a Brooks saddle on it. It's one of the pre-aged ones.

I've read varying opinions about saddles and break-in, etc. Generally, the Brooks are comfortable, but tastes in saddles vary, and there's no guarantee that you'll like a particular model jus because it says "Brooks". On the other hand, they tend to have decent resale value.

I've ridden 192 miles on mine, maximum, and working on some longer distances now.


Dec 4, 2006
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Leather Saddles aka Brooks have come up in a few threads lately. I really like them but some don't. Here is what I wrote in another thread about which ones I own.
New Brooks
B17- Road bike
Champion Flyer- Xtracycle B17 with springs like B67
B67- on Uncle Stretch Schwinn

I like the Champion Flyer as it is the best of both. I ride it more than any other including my 170 mile tour this last fall. I now have a problem because I don't like riding newer padded seats. Leather has become my saddle of choice.

Old Brooks
Professional on Dyno Moto 7
B72- on Chunky Monkey
B17 not mounted.
Also have a Wrights that is on my mountain bike.


Oct 30, 2010
New Orleans
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I put Brooks saddles on all of bikes because they are so comfortable on long rides. I have found that they break in really fast for me. There is a shop here in New Orleans that specializes in Brooks saddles and they offer a six month unconditional guarantee on your purchase. They will refund %100 of the price of your purchase excluding shipping if you are not satisfied. Have a look at their web store here:
Sep 28, 2010
Cleveland, Oh
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It looks like the B17 would be my choice. I wish I could find one in decent shape for a decent price. I'd settle for any colour.

I don't ride much on streets at all. It's all dirt or rail trails. Not too sure if I'll miss the comfort of foam.

I know a seat's comfort is about as subjective as anything else.
Apr 20, 2009
Fairfax, VA
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Padded saddles can also be a pain. Some provide insufficient support and waste your energy, and some have a poor shape, which can cause chaffing or cut off circulation. You can easily replace the adjusting collar bolt with a quick release and take your seat with you if you need to lock the bike up outside or out of your sight.
Dec 12, 2010
San Diego, CA
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It is real simple:
If you want a leather saddle you buy a Brooks. Yes they are expensive but everything else is junk. Except for some old French Ideale's and some older British stuff there are no exceptions.
Other than that you ride plastic based saddles, mattress saddles, or covered metal pan saddles.
Nov 28, 2007
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I would agree with the previous post. Having had experience with most of the modern leather saddles out there, it seems Brooks is the best made. This is especially true for heavier (200 lbs range) riders. Seats will tend to splay quickly, and require adjustment and lacing to correct. Frequently this is minimally helpful.

I have tried Lepper, Velo Orange, Persons, Wrights, Gyes and other I can't think of now. Most are made with a thinner or softer leather. None appear to be very durable. I would take a gently used Brooks over most other new saddles. I would agree that older French Ideale saddles are fairly high quality.
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