Bryn aka vancruiser

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Hey all,

Just found this forum - lots of gorgeous bikes in the gallery there!!

I'm the site admin for, a Cruiser/Chopper site targeted at the Vancouver, BC area.

Our bike stable here has a '65 Scwhinn Hollywood, an '84 CCM Cheetah, a '50's JC Higgins (currently a pile of parts), an old Ross Polo Jr, an unidentified older bike plus a number of new-school cruisers - an Electra Betty, a Kustom Kruiser Ultraglide, a Manhattan Aero and a Felt Flying Machine. That's not including the mountain bikes!

I've been a huge bike fan pretty much forever... I had one of those department store special 16" Krate-style bikes when I was about 6, plastic wheels and all. I did so many skids on that sucker the back tire wore away completely and was just a loose ring of plastic hanging off the remains of the sidewalls. Apart from a bit of a break in my later 'teens it's been love ever since.