Budzillas FrankenRat

Feb 27, 2007
Ira Township
ok, well, ahh, *cough* ahem, Hi everyone.

I would like to participate in the RRBBO If I may. If I missed something and it is a closed competition - that's ok. I don't understand one of the rules in that 'Rules thread' -

"5. Must include before, progress, and after photos (all in one post please) "

uh, I see lots of people taking up lots of posts for their builds so I must be reading that wrong?

I was going to build something really crazy for our Detroit ride, but I simply don't have time since my job is keeping me away from my garage.

I have this old Schwinn B-6 that I rescued from the garbage of an elderly neighbor years ago and has been in my barn ever since. I have always liked it's patina, so I won't be painting it. I think I will have this weekend free with no interruptions I should be able to get her road worthy by the March 10th ride. Here's what I'm starting with--

It's got this fancy schmancy head badge-

I hope I can salvage the rear fender. It's pretty beat up. The springer fork is a lot heavier than anything you buy today! It's got bolts that say 'AS' on them so I guess it's original(?) This should be a fun weekend. I will try to take lots of photos
very cool bike with the heart chainring! cant wait to see it rolling!

yeah i noticed everyone was posting multiple times myself but i think as this thing got going, people were interested in seeing progress as its going on, instead of waiting till the end of march. dont know.

welcome and good luck :)
I don't understand what you guys mean by..
"Posting multiple times"

(1) I do something to my Build Off bike..
(2) I take a Picture of what I have done
(3) and I share it in my RRBBO thread in real time..as I go.
Am I doing something wrong?

I think your build will be awesome..
very cool start...
keep us posted as it progresses.

and maybe do an intro in the Intro Thread...
so we can learn a bit more about who yaa are
and what yaa into..maybe some bike Pic's

it awesome to see what other are into
and "their take" on a Rat Bike.

Oct 14, 2006
Holly, Michigan,U.S.A.
Took you long enuff to get here!
Now I know fer sure that I got to check the outbuildings at your house!
So the streets of Detroit will be Rat Infested? Awesome!
Looking forward to seeing your skills come to life! :D
Feb 27, 2007
Ira Township
well I though I would have the weekend to redo this bike, but I have to work Sunday. Look like I have only today for certain and maybe some after work during the week before our ride on the 10th.

so I started taking it apart and while I planned on taking lots of pics, once my hands got super greasy I wasn't about to smear it all over my phone. Here are a few from before I got real dirty.

Heres where the rear fender was chewed by the chain--

and here is where I discovered the chain side drop out is bent out--

I have see guys take the skunky covering off the seat and go with a plain steel seat. I wanted to do that with this seat, that was untill I got the stuff off and got to see the rusty seat that was waiting for me--

I just cam in for dinner and to post the pics. I have cleaned and degreased the old dog and almost have it back together. I think I am going to use what was the front fender on the back and I don't know what yet for the front. I will try to get more pics up tonight.


Dec 4, 2006
Dont' take Chainsaw's advise unless you have a tetnus shot. I am sure you will be able to create a masterful rat with your other works that I have seen.
Feb 27, 2007
Ira Township
Chainy I considered just clear, but I don't want all the sharp parts poking me in my special places. :mrgreen: I took all the real rusty stuff off and had only the bottom part left and even that was rusty.

So what I did was trace the seat out onto a shelf from an office cabinet (a lot like a filing cabinet) I had kept just because it's nice flat metal. Then I did my best to hammer it into the shape of the seat. With a little help from some clamps I tacked it together. Even without a seat cushion it's real comfortable.

I am amazed at how well it came apart. It must have been serviced bike a bike shop and not left outside. I didn't have to heat anything or get out a breaker bar or even cut parts off it! I wipe off a thick layer of tar-like grease from the forks and BB. To my surprise they still have what I think is the original redish burgundy. I found I have a keyhole on the bottom of the springer. I couldn't even tell when the grease was on it. I wonder if I can get a key for it? Just being that nice to me has earned it a spot in my heart. It rides so nice! I put some white pedals on it to go with the cream/white on the body. I slapped some 144's on it to give a pair of feet with a pair of 2.25 white walled shoes.

I'm still working out the rear fender. I haven't decided. This bike originally had a huge skiptooth sprocket that I was going to still use until I felt to save time I will just use the new schwinn one I had on my shelf. Has anyone used a skiptooth chain ? Are they inherently harder to keep on the sprocket? There's has to be a reason they moved to todays sprocket and chain type.

I have until the end of the month to play with it for this forum, but only a week for the ride. I'll see what I can get done this week.

A remider of what I started with, lol--

Feb 27, 2007
Ira Township
Oh heck no I don't want to paint the frame! It's going to stay that fine patina for as long as I own it! I love the way it looks.

I may cover the seat - I don't know. The springs give a lot of support, like cushions themselves.
Sep 27, 2006
Upstate NY

Glad to see you joined us over here.

I like the way this bike turned out. Are those welds on the seat better than the ones on that chainguard off the tandem? LOL

Keep up the good work.

Ryan says your fabrication skills are almost on par with your kidnapping and conspiracy abilities.

Feb 27, 2007
Ira Township
Tell Ryan I weld like that because I have a fear of commitment. haha

Well I have encountered the joy of riding a fenderless bike in Canada (which earned me a nice goose poop stripe up my back). So I got home from work and I just finished bobbing the front fender and putting it on the back.

I don't think a rat is finished unless it has some type of 'protection' so I found this sticker of what looked like an old image of Mary of Guadalupe (?) and put it on the fender for a little pizzazz.

Feb 27, 2007
Ira Township
Thanks Chainy! those would be even more perfecter! I will bring the tools if you bring the pedals and I will pop them bad boys on right there in my office parking lot! They are SWEET!

Well you could mail them if you want. They would probably (maybe) get here in 5 days. They would HAVE to go out today (Monday) though.

I'm glad you put Jane in her place!