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Aug 9, 2012
Sunny SC coast
Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin is my Jr High soundtrack. Later I got into Aerosmith, Bowie and Neil Young. Later still it was Sonic Youth, RHCP, NIN and toss in some Johnny Cash. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of off the wall stuff like Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age and Greta Van Fleet.
RHCP, NIN, and Johnny Cash. That's a concert I would have attended :grin:

Not a Radiohead fan, but I do like some QOSA and Greta Van Fleet!
Jul 10, 2018
listening to the Commodores just now and heard an effect at 0:14 that reminded me of a sound of a toy I still have from my childhood.

Need protection when I'm ridding on the wrong side of the tracks.
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Jul 10, 2018
Strained my back bad working on the bikes. Can't stand straight, hurts when I cough... What I get for heavy drilling outside of a proper vise in a hurry.

Gonna chill for a couple.
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