Nov 30, 2006
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Well for starters, I'm from Finland. That propably explains why my language is pretty bad at times. I understand it totally, but writing it is really something else. ...., it's been some three years I graduated from highschool, and I haven't been writing a thing in english since that.

Now I'm studying at the Technical University of Tampere in Finland. Not sure when I'll graduate from here, but I't seems that there's no hurry with that. :mrgreen:

I need also to mension that here in Finland cruisers like Schwinns are very rare, even new ones. If you're lucky to find an old cruiser, it really is priced out of a students reach - no matter what the brand is. I'd have one if there were some in reasonable price...

Then some links. First to my photobucket where's pics of my bike and also other more and less related stuff: http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y251/FatLarrys/?
And then to my last.fm, because I really am into music. http://www.last.fm/user/hepmac