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Jul 6, 2017
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First time here, first time builder.
Here is my little process of building my first moped.
Aim was building ''ugly'' rat bike
Inspiration came from both board trackers and cafe racers.
I will equip her with chinese 50cc engine.

Here are photos i'we taken so far and project is almost done.

Bike in its original state.


Little photoshop planning.


And some first tries that had to be redone. (actually then i went to photoshop and made some ''proper'' sketches)


In the making process i didn't really use my photoshop image, made everything by eye and memory(what i did in photoshop)


This was something i was happy with and moved on to fork.


This is fork and seat kinda done, i'm going to leave fork as it is right now, kinda happy with it but seat i don' like. I was thinking maybe doing straight plate with little curve at the end.

14 copy.jpg

I would like to ride it in friday, lets see if i can make it happen :)

Oh and the tank, it is going to be big (i think) rough calculations and its should be around 9l

Bike overall is kinda small for me, but size doesn't matter :D
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Jul 6, 2017
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Today was big day. Finish is near.

Little test fitting and i finalized saddle. Wood base with some soft material and something good to cover it from rain.

At first i was afraid that gastank was going to be too pretty for bike and i gave my best to keep it rat style. i think i succeeded.


Right now everything is connected, bit afraid of the fuel line (welded tank connection to bad place).
Need to readjust back sprocket.
Make gastank mounts and some more little things and then will come frist ride.

Overall i'm pretty happy how it turned out.

Jun 3, 2018
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Very cool. Here is an idea using a old spring BMX bike. The Silver Fox is a 50 pound full spring bmx bike that was built by a well known mini bike manufacture Garton Fox Wisconsin
People use as a platform for up to 50cc 2 stroke powered motor bikes, lol.
And below is an example of a Café Racer using the Silver Fox
Motor converted bike is not mine but if it was I would custom make taller handle bar risers to even out the look.


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