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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Although I am still working on it I decided to post an in progress shot of my battery holder.
Feeling like I might want to add a little color to it. Something like the green verde that aged copper gets????
Any thoughts from out in the great cyber world?
Yep! Still sticking with my original suggestion of the mint green, maybe a little touch of a very pale blue or off-white as well....the rust-ina looks awesome!
Mar 7, 2013
Tucson, AZ
Beautiful frame, totally awesome Steampunk style battery holder, coolest plates on rear wheel, but I just know you can find a handlebar that works better. You have captured the essence of rat rodding!!!
Thanks guys.
SD with the end of the competition fast approaching and my schedule the way it is I will probably go the the current bars but keep an eye out for others ones that might work better. All thought in all the time I have been a member here I have yet to see any one else do them but I could be wrong.
I got a little stuck on the electrical but thanks to doerman and Oddjob I figured it out,it is working enough for me and though not supper pretty it goes with the theme. Getting close to finished so here is a few photos were it stands at the moment. I tried wrapping the handlebars in some black cloth tape but once I saw it I did not like the look. Sort of needed a little chrome to balance some of the other silver on it, ie:cranks, seat post etc.
So far:

Tank: Think I will be renaming it TRAVELLER. Each side of the tank has different travel images on it.

Battery holder in place and wired:

Front light:

Rear light:

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Nov 24, 2012
The Tropics of Alabama
That battery holder is extremely cool!

I have two observations. First is the saddle. I would love to see you do your leather and rivet treatment to it to match the fender. Second, the tank plate straps look too new in contrast with the rest of the bike. You could easily change that by soaking them and the bolts in vinegar overnight. I hope this is taken in the spirit of friendly suggestions. :)
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Starting on the seat. First time I have ever tried this so it is a bite of an experiment. Went into the How To section and found some info but only on using a plastic seat pan that one can staple into. Mine is metal so having to figure out how to make sure everything stays attached. Besides the glue ,thinking of a strip of leather across the bottom attached with pop rivets???
Have a piece of this tacky gold vinyl I will be using. Thought of another piece of leather as per RM's suggestion but decided that would be to matching for the concept of the build.
So Far:

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