Columbia 5 Star Superb (Is it real or a RX-5 Reproduction)

Aug 19, 2010
Central Virginia
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Columbia 5 Star Superb (Is it real or a 1980's RX-5 Reproduction)

A Kindergarten teacher friend pulled this Columbia out from under her crawl space shortly after they moved in. Her and her husband have been patiently storing it in their shed. While helping them search for a Girls cruiser for their daughter, he mentions that they have this cool old bike frame. And thus here is where the excitement begins.

My quick search through the Columbia serial number index leads me to believe it is not a 50+ Year old classic, of course this does not not mean it is not worthy of saving.

I welcome all restoration suggestions

And just in case anybody is wondering ~ No they are not interested in selling at this time.

Extra pics in thumbnails below



Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
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Check for a serial number on the left dropout. That BB number may be a personal number stamped on there. It should begin with a letter followed by numbers. I too have only seen green repros from back in the early 80's. I almost bought one of them, but the $500 price tag was too steep at the time.