Columbia built Western Flyer Newsboy

Jan 12, 2014
Atlantic Iowa
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Nice bike ... But may be newer than you are thinking. Possibly up to 1968 with the truss rods.
I traded for one I thought was older and after researching I figured out it was a 1974 it looked same but no truss rods.
Good luck with sale. Those bikes ride excellent with a good lube and tires! Long frames have excellent room for tall or big guys.
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Jul 2, 2015
Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon
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SN would help...I think the confusion is with the Newsboy in the title. If it is a Newsboy Special, it would be balloon tires until '75 on that style of frame. I don't think it is a Newsboy as I believe they all had 'Newsboy' on the chainguard.

Edit: I can't find any other model but Newsboy that uses that, I guess the WF versions didn't say Newsboy on them. But, if it falls in line with the Newsboy model year changes...with that chainguard and the integrated kickstand it would be either '58-'62 or '65-'67. '63-'64 was a different frame.
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Feb 19, 2013
Ipswich, Massachusetts
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I am aware of the Columbia “Newsboy bicycle but always thought my bike was one too because of it’s built in rear rack as part of its frame.....what’s the correct name of my bike... 1960 Columbia medium weight. Thanks


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Feb 3, 2014
Duluth, GA
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In my opinion ... based on the Saddle and gooseneck spec'd on this bike for sale ... I'm betting it is a Late '50's model. Just my 2cents worth. I like this bike a lot and think it's worth the asking price. I wish I was closer to the Penguin City. (Iron City) ... It might have been already added to my stable. Good luck with the sale ... somebody should grab this up!
Cheers! CCR Dave