commuting 9 miles a day to work + around town,rear bag help

Jul 6, 2008
what I have upgraded- new cane creek SRC-5 levers. used side pull calipers and new pads, seat, handlebar, tires, chain, and other odds and ends...O and it rides like a dream

my question is I ride around 9 miles a day to work and back and around town. at this time I am not bringing much with me but am working on a rear bag.
I have a rear rack on it now.. whats a better spot for a bag on the side or on the top of the rack?
it would fit prefect on the top or side the I only have one and the bag runs around 60 bucks so don't know if I wanna run one bag on one side at this time to keep it balanced I might try to find a matching on on ebay but for now one will be,

so my question bag on the rear top or side and why?


Oct 17, 2008
Depends of the combined weight of bag + load. You want to keep your centre of gravity as low as possible I assume, I would go for the side. Which side depends on the balance when your bike is on its stand. Hope this helps?
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