Jan 10, 2007
i just wanted to praise EVERYONE who participated in the build off...

all the bikes look outstanding, everybody did an excellent job!

thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Yeah I CANT WAIT For the next buildoff, If there is one? I hope so lol i been building bikes like crazy. lol I need more material 2 build off of, all my bikes are ridable now, im gonna have 2 get rid of my trike so dad will let me get this bike from some old ladys house... It looks like Kevs western flyer 2 me, i need 2 compare pics.. Im not sure.
Sep 27, 2006
Upstate NY
I aggree, congrats to all.

Thanks to DD for putting it together.

I had alot of fun during this build, but as always ran out of time before I ran out of ideas.

This group has shown an amazing amount of creativity, style and humor. It is a shame that we don't all live within a reasonable distance so we could gtg and compare notes and examine rides in person.

Great job everyone.

62H \m/ \m/
Mar 3, 2007
Yeah, the build-off was really cool, had a blast!
And to go out cruising with everyone would be soooooooo cool!
Unfortunately that's not a possibility....unless we equip our bikes with webcams and laptops next build-off! Yeah! :lol:
Jan 24, 2007
rhode island
this has been wild! due to time restrains i couldnt get in the action but thanks for all the great ideas and you can bet you have some compatition coming next time. :lol:
Sep 3, 2006
WOW! - deciding which ride to cast my vote for was not an easy task, not by a long shot.

So many great ideas, and the level of craftsmanship displayed is impressive to say the least.

Serious hi-fives to all the builders

:D :D :D :D :D

Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
i agree congrads all around. really wish the accident had not happend to my leg causing me to have to pull out from the comp. i will still finish her just because i have to for my own sake as a builder. cant wait for the next build off i think i remember reading somewhere that it would be based on pixie bikes? hehe again congrads to all tons of stunning bikes you should all be very proud!!!!
Yes congradulations to everyone! Everyone is a winner one way or another. Some great design cues and styles have been brought out. Now you have a new bike too! Great job!!

I hope we can do this again.
Jan 30, 2007
TN, U.S.
Yes, everybody did an awesome job... this is a great community of cool, helpful, down-to-earth people. Im glad I was a part of it. I seriously was THIS close to never posting my bikes on this site, I didn't think my stuff was good enough. I need to thank my girlfriend for encouraging me to follow through with this.

And thanks to everybody for the inspiration. I think this is a really cool thing we're doing, so keep at it.

Mar 28, 2007
Slow lane
First, congRats 2 everyone!
The voting was cose 2 my opinion, but i think sumone
got a little understated.Only my opinion anyway!
I hope there's gonna b a new BO soon,
so that i ca enter 1 of my rat projects....
Thanks 2 everybody 4 the ent-rat-ainment.
Rat on!