Critics needed.

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I usually never offer my work for criticism, I just usually go out and do it anyway. But I feel this crowd has good honest opinions and I would love to hear your answer to this question: Would you wear a shirt with this on it?:

Got the idea from Steve with using Cafepress, which I had no idea existed. Coming soon, howtofixbikes action figures! :mrgreen:

Many thanks folks. :)

Feb 27, 2007
Ira Township
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Remember, you asked --

The url title needs to be spaced out better. These shirts are an advertisement for you site and that text is a bit mashed up. It's hard to read at a glance.

I can appreciate the use of empty space below 'blogspot', but it make the bike seem a little off balance. The bike itself looks great though.
Jun 24, 2007
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Are you trying to advertise that YOU yourself fix bikes, or that ANYONE can fix bikes, and they can learn how at this website? If it's the anyone can learn one, then change the "I can fix it" to a "YOU can fix it", would make more sense to me... cool shirt though.....


Dec 4, 2006
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Yeh I would emphasis "YOU can FIX IT" with a pic of the bike. Then the web address smaller at the bottom. Kind of like Bob the Builder " Can we fix it?, Yes we can!"
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The visual heirarchy is there, your eyes go where they should. I agree that the URL needs accented, and I would KERN the lettering to even out a bit, even if you have to move the image a little. solid design, just needs a lil tweekin'.

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I agree with The "You can Fix it" line....instead of "I" can fix it.

That was the First thing I thought when I read it.

I Like the Bike...a lot

The "youcanfixbikes" seems Crouded a bit,
and could have a Shadow or a 3 rd dimension to it's text.

other than that...I Love it!
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Wow! Those came out of nowhere...Good critics but I already did the deed :D The idea behind "I can fix it" was with the wearer/blog reader in mind. I want them to advertise the fact that they can do it, the blog being merely a tool. If they can't read the address properly, I don't really care. I figure the person wearing the shirt will do a better sales job of referring the website than the shirt itself. The first idea was "yes I can fix it", but my better half told me it was too much, "make it shorter", she said. So I did. I'll tweak it when I have the time. I will be busy making how to videos for the blog with my son in the next couple of days. I just find it cool that people can buy a shirt with my design on it. :mrgreen:
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