Cruiser build for my sis

Aug 23, 2012
Kansas City
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My sis has taken to riding and asked me about getting a bike. So, I told her I'd see what I can find her and make it to her liking. I need to have it done by the 10th but I need to finish my BBO8 bike first and throw together a balloon tire bike before the 10th too (I usually work on one while the paint is drying on the other).

Grabbed this today from a thrift store:

and this is the inspiration for the build :)
Jul 13, 2012
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herku1004 said:
3 wheeled wolfy said:
I started making a wally schwinn for my sis, my first bike paint job, came out nice.
Show us! Show us!
look up "tom boy canti" It never got finished, it got buried in the hurricane and my sister lost interest in me building it. I can touch it up and build it though.