cwc, rc, and odyssey!

Dec 31, 2011
Staples minnesota
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I picked up these like-new Odyssey twombolt cranks with sprocket,  for my bmx bike on Sunday, the guy I bought them from had only used them once and then tore his ACL clean in half.

Then on Tuesday,  one of my friends approached me with a deal I could not refuse.   He was selling his traxxas jato 3.3 r/c car,  for 50$.   He had taken it all apart, but didn't know how to put it back together again so he decided to sell it.    I had it assembled and driving around in less than a half hour :D

Then yesterday I had a package arrive!  I got my hands on my first Cleveland welding frame and fork.  I'm really excited, and I'm not sure if I want to piece it back together or just motorize it

It's been a good week so far, and Friday is my 16th birthday so I'll have some extra spending money!

Oct 20, 2012
Chicopee , Ma
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LOVE that frame! :shock:

Happy Birthday!

( man I wish I was 16 again! )

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Well Happy Birthday and Congratulations on receipt of your first Cleveland Welding Frame! I can tell you your frame dates between 1945 & 1947. It is definitely Post War with the Down Tube entering the Bottom Bracket from a Horizontal Angle and the Seat Post Binder is smooth - the Annulated Version (raised center section) started into production in 1948. Just thought you might want to know the age before making any modifications to mount a motor. Have Fun! Robert (Road Master)