Desert Rat-ified Columbia

Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN

"For thou art rust, and unto rust thou shalt return..."

Desert Rat wood fence.jpg

I actually bought this frame from a guy in Minneapolis last year in January, while I was in Mesa, AZ. I had my son pick it up back home, and the Columbia spent the last 12 months hanging in the BACK40.

Earlier this Fall, while waiting for the MBBO voting to commence, I pulled down the frame, grabbed a set of Monark fenders that were original to my build Faded Glory, an old seat, and the Columbia springer fork I had purchased the previous year as well. I started with some assembly, some rat-ification techniques on frame and assorted parts, purchased my first set of colored tires (desert clay red), a set of coke bottle grips from @ifitsfreeitsforme here on the RRB site (love em! fat and firm, yet cushy) and new wheels.

Here is the build thread:

Parts list:

-Late 40's Columbia frame
-vintage Columbia springer fork
-new chromed wheelset / rust-ified and rat-ina-ed
-ratty old spring seat / recovered and rat-ified
-new set of CST Palmdale 26x2.35 tires / aged to perfection..
-custom lay back post by Chop Shop Customz (member @slowriderz )
-vintage bars, pedals
-vintage Monark fender set
-new Coke bottle grips from Thompson parts (member @ifitsfreeitsforme )





Really enjoyed this build off. Lots of variety and some really cool builds! As always; RaT oN!
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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Nice job OJ. Followed the build. Never thought about aging new tires like you did. Going to use that tip!
Thanks for the follow! I wanted the whole bike to look like it's aged together over the years. Show me a pic of your results when you are done with the tires. Love to see it!