Sep 18, 2011
New Hampshire
Outstanding, literally - color pallet, overall look, seat tube, tire choice and a killer pinstriping job gives this bike one of my votes. Well done dude, well done!
well she is all done and delivered. This bike was commissioned to honor her sister who sadly pasted away. Based on an extremely rough schwinn canti frame i cut out the mangled seat post tube replaced by a curved piece similar to an elgin. Also the rear drop outs were very rough so i whacked them off and made rear facing drops that lower the rear 1". Fork is an unknown prewar, old nickel plated bars and stem. Kept it clean, minimal pinstriping and done. It rides amazing, i cant get over the ride. Thanks to all the fellow builders who helped me along on her, and a big thanks to p-lo for helping me locate a frame. Good luck to you all in build off 10, its been fun.

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How do I put my vote in for Destino Flyer??
Jan 23, 2011
Now you Wratters see why I looked up to this guy when I first started on here...and still do.

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