Devist8er ~ Oct update

Apr 13, 2009
Canton Mi
Re: Devist8er ~ Dame I missed the dead line for entry

Yup this one would've been a contender. Sorry you missed it. Very very very cool bike!
Jul 17, 2012
Qld, Australia
Re: Devist8er ~ Dame I missed the dead line for entry

Not great to see you missed that deadline, though it looks like you are definitely enjoying it which is more important in the longer run.

Certainly combines usable, unique and a heap of fun in one package.

It is one I would like to see make a calendar shot on the airstream as it beautifully has that industrial practicality that becomes beautty because the form matches function so well.
Re: Devist8er ~ Dame I missed the dead line for entry

It lived up to it's name I was devist8ed I couldn't vote for it, this was definitely one of my top 3! Still a winner in my book! I wish the Mongoose Beast designers could see this bike and make some changes to the next model year... :mrgreen: I'd buy one in a heartbeat! Now go bomb down some hills and have a blast on that wicked bike.
Apr 25, 2012
London Ontario Canada
Re: Devist8er ~ Dame I missed the dead line for entry

Wow! Thanks for all the great comments guys. Ya, I realize I still have a winner even if I didn't get in the finals.
Any rides I've gone on, people are looking. From kids that are amazed by the size of the bike and the tires to all types of adults that just have to have a second look.

I've taken it to a couple car cruise in's and it get just as much attention as the cars do. A couple of the most asked comments are "the bike must be heavy" and "That thing must be hard to ride".

I meet some gentlemen on the beach last weekend when I was out for a 8am ride. They were sitting having their morning coffee when I ride by on top of the soft sand. I waved and said good morning and they stopped me. The one fellow had just got back from a 7 day trip mountain biking in the Swiss Alps. So I offered the bike for him to ride. Who better to appreciate my bike. So down the beach he went, and came back with the biggest smile. He said it road better than his store bought bike and geometry was spot on!

I'll try and post a couple videos for me riding it up and down stairs, over a 19" long with no effort and on the beach.

Friday I'll be taking it out for its first full day of true trail riding. I'll be sure to post some shots from that.

Hope ya all had a Great weekend!