early 1980s looptail 26" BMX Jamis Boss Sand Jam Cruiser chromoly

Mar 25, 2013
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Got this from college campus community bike shop for next to 'nuthin. Definitely shows it's era with the bright colors and Miami Vice style lettering. Only got one wheel which is sad because the tire has a pattern of sea shells for tread! c. 1979-81 Jamis "Boss Cruiser" with "Sand Jam" accessories that include a "Cheekes" seat and the sea shell tires, I guess to make it ready for the beach. Florida company that soon sold out to overseas outfit, I think is the story. Not sure how long I will keep it. I'm very tempted to hack it up and try to make it into a Cook-Bros/ Laguna style Chrom-Mo straight bar.... but that's not really a good idea. I'll build it up and enjoy the five speed thumb shift nostalgia factor I suppose.
Jan 9, 2013
Los Angeles
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Those are same forks I bought a girls bike for... I don't know what are made of grade wise, but they are crazy solid... When it all goes down, not only do you have a bicycle to get around, but a potentially awsome dual staffed mace club to fend of hoards
They make other BMX legs look like soggy spaghetti noodles
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