Early Hawthorne De luxe

Nov 22, 2011
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The head badge should ballpark date it. Not sure when Hawthorne bikes first appeared. My catalog starts at 1934 with 26" tires. I don't think I see your bike illustrated as it look to have 28" tires.

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Oct 5, 2015
Kalifornia / Toes Beach
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The bike may have been built by Great Western Manufacturing, La Porte, Indiana. Clues are the the Fauber chain ring, and the gentle curvature of the top (drop) bar.
Some Hawthorne bikes sported a "snowflake" chain ring; GWM identified it as an "R.S. deisgn" from Reading Standard, (a Pennsylvania company GWM absorbed).
GWM may have been absorbed by Snyder Manufacturing, (a NY company known for building Hawthorne bikes for Montgomery Ward).
Snyder Bicycle 1927.jpg