El Dinero

You're looking at "11" different bikes melted together to make one ..... Not to mention pieces and parts. From a 13" Hello Kitty number to bacon, "yes I did say bacon, as in pig!" It's all in there.
A lot of the fuel for my inspiration comes from music. Last year I did a Brian Setzer tribute bike called StrayCat, so this year I decided not to stray too far to pay homage to another fav. Johnny R Cash, and I call it "El Dinero" because he was elusive and everything sounds better in spanish!

I don't have much time so I'll let the pics speak for themselves and post the remainder in my thread. Take care BOTEN buds!
Favorite Cash Quote:
"You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space. ~ Cash

Oh yeah, she was built for less than 10 buck which would be the cost of the porch swing springs.

Now that the threads opened back up for editing here are a few other shots from the build thread...

Cash, synonymous with trains, I felt it was fitting to have a few on the tracks.

+++Fun Fact+++, I made the vanity tag out of my wife's cookie sheet cause I had the idea at midnight Saturday to do it and wanted some metal with good patina. Whats better than heat tempered sheet metal with years of bacon grease! I bet mines the only build with bacon in it!

Another from the 3 of the set of pics that made it on....

Self gratuitous first ride vid to prove it works

A few build factoids:
Parts List Summary:
  • Front section of a 90's? FS Elite Cruiser also minus the cantilevers that had been hacked for my first build two years ago.
  • Hello Kitty 13 inch kids bike, think it was a Huffy?
  • Some type of Cheap 26inch Cruiser bike, donor for the pumpkin
  • 26" Schwinn Mountain Bike, Rear down tubes were the donor for the new pumpkin brace and rear bottom tube extensions
  • 80's Trek Mountain bike, front springer forks
  • 24" Inch Murray Cruiser Bike Seat, front tire
  • 26" Next Bike rear hub
  • OCC Chopper front wheel
  • 70's 26" Murray Cruiser bike crank and tire for the rear....Came off my moms bike from when I was a kid. I rescued it from being thrown away
  • Mountain Lowes Porch Swing Springs only new part purchased
  • Apes taken from a previous bike that I didn't use
  • Used worn out shock absorbers from my 62' Impala (Daily Driver)
  • Trundle bed latches used for swing-arms, reinforced with steel rebar
  • Wheel chair leg supports, Springer top and bottom supports
  • Decades old patina'd cookie sheet (Covered in burnt bacon grease...yes El Dinero has bacon on it!!!!!!) Used it for a faux vanity plate
I'm sure I'm forgetting some ridiculous material I added in along the way. =)

Here's a few close ups and another track shot I forgot to include:

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Sweet ride!
I believe you were the last builder who entered in the finished thread.
So that means you are the winner of the Tick Tock prize 'Better late than never'

I'd like to thank....to thank.....to thank.....ummmm....what was this award for I forgot????
Ummmmm......in terms of procrastination, this build was wildly successful. But seriously, In terms of my procrastination in building, next years build will be different.....Just you wait and see!
Thanks Funkme