Elgin Motobike Ballooner and early 1940s DP Harris both 26" Mens Bikes

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    Sep 18, 2008
    Please PM with any questions or comments so i get the alert to my inbox. Thank you.

    Prefer pick up in NJ for now. May ship if not sold locally.

    The DP Harris was a NJ beach bike and has had some newer pats replaced over the years. No dents in the frame or fenders and the paint is not all chipped and scratched. One spoke missing in rear wheel. Would clean and shine up very well with some Carnuba wax! Has a 20" tall frame. $225.

    Elgin Moto Ballooner (Serial number shown) that was amateur, house paint restored in the late 1950s or early 60s. The frame and hubs have the grease fittings. The fenders are a little banged up but not too bad. The flat braces are pretty straight. Looks to be complete and orig parts except for seat, pedals and grips. The binder bolt in the stem has the head pretty rounded off from improper tools. One spoke missing in front wheel. Has a 19" tall frame. $325.

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