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Sep 1, 2006
Simsbury, CT
Almost done!

Just need a chain and my light setup - still in the mail. Oh yeah and a chainguard - but the jury is still out on which one, he he he. Enjoy the basement pics for now and hopefully I will have good ones outside but they are talking snow soon!

Sep 27, 2007
Tempe AZ
This bike is awesome.The frame is sweet, the fork like something i've never seen, and the bags ,oh the bags. This bike has plenty of character. Best i"ve seen so far. 8)


Dec 4, 2006
Looks like I came right out of the 50's, like it should be sitting right next to a 57 chevy of the same colors.
Sep 1, 2006
Simsbury, CT
OK, everything is done except the windshield. I didn't like the handlebars for two reasons: one, they looked like every other ape hanger bike and two, the bike wouldn't fit in the back of the van, LOL. I wanted the W-I-D-E G-L-I-D-E look. I had this pair of bars I was gonna use on my RRBBO1 bike and decided to give them a try. Lights were purchased and after some manufacturing of a light bar from a fender hangar here it is. Pictures are not great, but it's raining and I have school conferences for the next four days so I doubt i will get a chance to shoot new ones. ENJOY! It was a labor of love!

It came out great! The lights and bars are a nice touch. Sorry that Brooks Saddle wasn't a touch lighter blue. Looks good on there though. Have you ridden it? Was the hump in the seat a pain or is it OK? I never mounted it on a bike and tried it.



Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
coulda swore i already posted on this ??

bars look sweet, i thought you just bent the apes for a second there !!!

definately get some whistles rollin on that beauty !!!

(how bout a shot from the back if ya get time)

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