Escaped Convict (Done)

Tonight I straightened the sprocket (it was bent :x ), replaced the chain, added the rest of the barbed wire, and finished the rear fender. I also re-arched and mounted the fender different so it looks marginally better. I also dropped and broke the Rat... :( Still having rear tire clearance issues and need to add the kickstand. It's close... :D Now that it's properly scratched up I may leave it out in the rain this weekend for some proper 'Patina" AS IN RUST!
The bike is essentially done. A couple more very minor ideas and some tweaking. Also looking at 24x1.75 tire options.

The kickstand is done and I couldn't bring myself to paint it. I think it looks cool as is. There are several views of the bike, several views of me riding it, and one of my 8 yo son trying it on for size. To small for me and too big for him. :D

Sep 1, 2006
Simsbury, CT
Two thumbs up!

This thing is off the wall! The attention to detail is outstanding as a theme ride goes and the Rat aspect is very cool. There was a movie with Sly Stallone in it where they built a car in prison and I think it was a Mustang (don't remember for sure) and then the guards destroy it. Anyway it looks like an inmate could ride out the front gate after 20!

Very cool!@


Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
SWEET !! that kickstand is perfect, the last shot with the brick wall is fitting as well, now i guess i gotta get rollin on mine again
Thanks all for the accolades!! This is my first "real" bike project and I enjoyed it a lot and learned great deal. I "upholstered" a seat, did custom paint work for the first time, fabricated fenders, made junk useful again, and have probably one of the most dangerous (for the rider) bicycles in the build off. I have a couple more things I may do... rusty truss rods comes to mind to match the sissy bar and barbed wire. Inmate Spoke Cards to look like they're behind bars... that one we shall have to see how it comes out. As the bike progressed I reversed direction several times. In the end I made the bike cruder and more rustic than my original intention. I spent alot of time on parts I ended up unhappy with and not using....(fenders). I spent money on parts that ended up not being used....(new seat). I employed an idea and from there the bike told me what it wanted to be. The final photos for the "finished" board will be taken in front of a local jail if I can get permission or better yet the State Supermax the next town over. On pavement the bike is a pretty good ride. On dirt she's geared rather high and is a bit "rattley" so to speak. The name of the bike was "Escaped Convict"... Perhaps "The Slammer" or "The Big House" would have been more appropriate but hey. Thank you Steve for this site and the rest of you for encouraging my new found interest..... Rat Rod Bikes.

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