Escaped Convict (Done)

Well the final quirks have been worked out of the Convict and it is a reliable bike now. Someday down the road I shall try to get some 24" by 1.75" inch whitewalls for it as it has about 3/16" clearance to the seat stays and chain stays with the 2.125 wide rubber but it doesn't rub. Plus it looks much cooler with the big rubber. Final shots for the "RRBBO2 Finished Bikes" board need to be taken yet but beyond that I am happy. I had a few ideas I kicked around including a revolving light but that seems more appropriate for a "Cop" bike than a Convict bike. I now officialy can call it done with no excuses. 4 people besides me have ridden it and they all agree it handles strange with all the weight (big ole' 12v lantern) on the fork assembly but that it is fun and a great attention getter. It's pretty comfortable for a Rat. I could have made it look a bit better by dropping the seat low like most do but keep in mind this is a small frame bike and I built it to be realistic. Could I have ridden it slammed? Probably. Would I have been as likely too? No way. So it's honest, it's drawn first blood.... well make that about 5 times it's gashed me pretty good! :D but most of all it is done. By the way I caught it on the computer looking at "Victoria" the other night. Lock her up xddorox you can't trust a Convict.
The Convict says..."Do your worst". He's actually scheduled to do some more running tomorrow. Going back to jail, to the train yard, the graveyard, maybe the airport, and the Ferry Terminal. Hopefully the cops don't spot him!
The one to the left is a 29 Duesenburg Model J and on the right is an Auburn Boattail Speedster Just thought you'd like to see a Rat bike with a couple Million worth of cars. I like the pipes too but there is a blurry spot in the pic.
Note to self... Crazy barbed wire covered Theme Bike (NO) Build mean looking, lunch money stealing , Muscle Rat Mack Truck of a bike instead. (Karfer it was cool chatting with you last night. Awesome Bike my friend) :D
Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
lol yea that was fun. i bet your bike barbed wire and all is more comfortable to ride though at least for distance which is what the escaped convict is all about. a convict would not get too far on the ratty truck but they would look tough trying. ahhh the price to pay to be cool. awsome bike and i agree this should win for most creative theme
Thanks guys, Karfer you better stay on your game man, your really gonna have to pull out the stops to beat the next bike.. The Xena Warrior Princess Bike. And if you still win I get to say you beat up a girl!! Theme bikes don't seem to be popular as Rats but to me they are a heck of a lot of fun to build. Just adds that extra element of design and innovation which only adds to the fun. My wife is getting in on the Xena Bike. I asked her "Honey would you mind looking for stuff over the next few months to incorporate into the bike?" Asking a wife to shop .... she obviously agreed. :D