Dec 29, 2009
Western Mass
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I don't like drama so normally I would let something like this go but this one has got me irritated.
Here's the deal...
I replied to a want add here where someone was looking for a specific bike. I gave them what I thought was a very fair price. They were cool with the price and said they wanted it and asked what the shipping would be. So, I broke the bike down, packaged it up, and got a quote for the shipping. Once I did all that this individual told me they had problems with there truck that needed to be addressed first. No sweat, we are all family here right? I ended up holding it for a while like they had asked but I haden't heard back in some time. Still no real issue with me, it wasn't like I had this item for sale before I replied to the want add so what's the big deal to sit on it until they are ready. Also got some story about once a bike he had for sale sold that he would have the funds to come through.
Fast forward a couple months...
Never heard from him but I saw that his bike sold and now he has new want adds for different stuff floating around.
I send him a PM saying that I saw his bike sold and that he had new items listed in the wanted section and was he going to finish this deal he started? No reply... He read it and continues to post so it's not like he is MIA.
Question is... Would it be appropriate to leave him negative feedback? I hate to do it but that's B.S. Like we dont have anything better to do then break down bikes for tire kickers. At the very least he should have told me.
What do you think?
May 21, 2012
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My personal opinion is to not break anything down until the money hits your hand or paypal account.
Yeah, it sucks that he didn't follow through but that's life on the internet these days.
You never entered a real transaction so I can't see adding negative feedback being valid in this instance.
Dec 29, 2009
Western Mass
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I guess I tend to agree with you, that's why I wanted to ask.
I'm just a little old school and will take a "mans" word.
I haven't had a lot of luck getting paid for anything before the cost of shipping was figured.
Feb 11, 2009
Corning, Nor-Cal
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Go ahead and out this guy , meaning put him out there so everyone knows who he is , I don't want to deal with a guy that deals like that .

Jan 21, 2009
New Hampshire Lakes Region
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Somone here gave me neutral feedback after we did a legit sale because I didn't answer my PM's for some of their follow up questions? Wasn't sure what was up with that, this forum isn't my full time job, I alread have 2 of those.

I went throug something very similar on ebay. Except after the guy won the auction and 3 days went by I sent him a payment reminder. he replied that he needed to wait till after Christmas (3 weeks away) to free up some money or something.. so as the days tick by I see he has sold a bunch of stuff and bought lots of stuff for hundreds more than his winning bid with me. I send a couple more notes and he kept trying to make it my problem like I wasn't being patient enough etc. I finally filed an unpaid item report to ebay but in the end I just let the feedback pass even though I was pretty agitated by his actions.

I would say just let it go. When it comes to estimating shipping I just guess for small items or look at what established sellers on ebay are using for their figures. you can always offer a refund if the shipping is less but sometimes you may have to eat a few bucks too.

good luck..
Dec 29, 2009
Western Mass
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It's really not that big of a deal. I guess the reason I was so annoyed was because I was replying to a want add. It's not like I was selling stuff, if that was the case then I would get it.
Jun 3, 2008
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The same thing happened 3 times to me on this site, 2 complete bikes packaged and 1 springer. the bikes eventually were unpackaged and parted out, the springer is still on the shelve extremely well packaged. I now require payment for a bike first, then it will be disassembled and shipping costs to be paid after. Serious buyers have no problem with that. I too would not "out" the guy, but would refuse to deal with him anymore.
Jun 10, 2011
Buford GA
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I usually just factor shipping into the price and expect payment ASAP. I go with highest shipping cost for lower 48 and it seems to keep it simple, that way you are not waiting to get a shipping quote to reply. I also never consider it sold until payment is in my hands. If they can't get payment to me in 14 days (USPS MO) or less it goes back up for sale. I like using Paypal and expect payment within 24 hours for it or it goes back up for sale, sometimes to me Paypal only is a best option to insure they pay quickly. I probably would not out them because I too hate drama but I would not deal with them again and consider it their loss.

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