Mar 19, 2011

“Fenix” is a different twist on the name of a mythological bird that regenerated new life from ashes. The legendary bird recycles its own life in the legends of different cultures; Egyptian, Chinese, and Greek.

The Back Story

This bike had many transformations over the months…I started out with an art deco mid-drive electric bike design with hubless wheels…unfortunately my home projects interrupted the flow…so I had to settle with a bike sans the motor and sleek design (perhaps I’ll do it next year?) Regardless, I did managed to finish the personal projects and got the bike done in time.

The finished entry:
To give this bird its new wings, I wanted a familiar Rat Rod style; unfinished, chopped and sectioned together for a low profile and wide stance. I meshed a Micargi Puma frame with 6 other donor bikes:
• Micargi – Top Bar and Down Tube
• Rollfast – Front Fork
• Monark – Ladies Tank
• Walmart Beast – Rear Stays
• Schwinn OCC chopper – Bottom bracket & drop outs
• JC
Higgins – Seat Post Tube

(Caveat: for the purist I’m very cognizant of damaging and cutting up vintage bikes. Outside of the derelict JCH’s bike, no vintage bikes were destroyed in the making of this project!)

Besides the new 4.25” rear fat tire mounted on a 24x 100mm rim, the 3-speed Sturmey Archer rear hub, the Razor handlebar and the “Bobber” headlight…everything else was found; repurposed and distressed to appear its been around for many years. The aged, weathered and patina façade is all done with spray can paints!

Lastly, its all tied together with a vintage butterfly kickstand, tape wrapped handlebar grips, motorcycle levers, dual disc brakes, and a 60T chainring to give this bird its new flight.

You can view the entire build:
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Mar 19, 2011
Thanks everyone…I'm sorry I haven't been replying or responding to this years posts, I'm trying to get so much done at home. I don't have the time to view the many great builds…only a hand few. Those that I've seen are all spectacular! Come Monday I'll have the time to really discern the incredible talent pool this site always offers.
Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
The patina work on this is awesome, my rattle-can brother! Your design and all the add-ons works together to near perfection! Not only did you set the bar high; you set it "razor" sharp as well....
Mar 19, 2011
Wicked cool style! Wow to the fork, frame build and what I thought when I first saw it... Awesome. Nice job.
Thanks, it took a minute for it to come together.
I'm not a huge fan of chopper style bikes, but I dig this man. Great job!
I'm not a big fan of choppers either…but that vintage fork pretty much determined the direction it needed to go in. I didn't want to chop it up for a wide front wheel.

This really came together in the end FordSnake, the quality of your normal builds is there, I wasn't sure when the project got changed half way through that you could do it to your high standard...

Great background in the pics too!

I wasn't sure about the final direction either? Initially I wanted to trick the bike out with sleek lines and hubless wheels, but the more I thought about it, I realized a sleek customized bike doesn't honor the spirit of Rat Rodding. Stripping the bike down to bare metal and then creating it to look weathered and aged is no easy task. But I'm happy how it turned out.
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Mar 19, 2011
Those bars were once owned by Kingfish…he kindly sold them to me. They certainly are unusual, and are more appropriate for a motorcycle, (the O.D. is an inch)! A standard bicycle grip or brake lever doesn't fit. It's one of the reasons it overwhelmed Brian's (Kingfish) bike. I had to rework everything around those bars…its the reason I had to chuck the initial springer on the front and go with a motorcycle light and motorcycle brake levers…to help keep the overall design in balance.